Wish I Was Home

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Room With A View

Marc Ellison, Lynn Ellison

In 2015, Marc worked as a travelling salesperson for a year. No matter what the location, no matter how nice the room, the fact is that any hotel room is just another empty room, and you just end up thinking "I wish I was home".

This is a modern twist on traditional blues.

Credit Card Blues

Marc Ellison, Pete Barlow

Marc wrote the music and sent it to Pete, on a day when the post delivered only bills and Pete realised he had the Credit Card Blues.

This is a slide guitar workout and shows the band in their most traditional guise.

She Moves

Marc Ellison

A dark tale of voyeurism, which is then turned on its head. A song about a watching beautiful woman, who's really just watching you.

Another modern the on the traditional 12 bar blues - his time with a jazz influenced bridge section.

When I Cry

Marc Ellison

In his younger days, Marc wrote the typical love songs of "I love you baby, I need you baby", but with age comes wisdom and the realisation that real love is feeling the pain when the other is struggling.

Another slide guitar track, this time in the style of a slow traditional lamenting blues ballad.

Weep and Worry

Marc Ellison

Taking off where "When I Cry" ended, this is a gut wrenching song of supporting your love one though their darkest times.

A hard, aggressive blues which sees Matt's blues harp soar

Drink Away My Blues

Marc Ellison

The landlord's favourite! A true story of drinking to forget and drinking to escape.

An up-tempo ripping blues showing Matt and Marc's soloing skills.

Played to Win

Marc Ellison

An observation of watching people in bars and clubs, flirting and treating love and romance as a game - game to be won.

Another modern re-working of the traditional 12 bar format.

Blues for My Baby

Marc Ellison, Pete Barlow

Pete's rewrite Marc's original composition - baby, bring your clothes back home!

This is the Blues with with swing!

The Ballad of Mr Blues

Marc Ellison

Another true story, this time of injustice. The lies told for personal gain. This time Marc takes his revenge by immortalising his nemesis in song.

A dark Blues / Country crossover with a touch more slide

Never Been To Mississippi

Marc Ellison, Matt Timms

The blues is universal, it's something we all relate to - it's when this world makes you feel like you ain't no damn good.

This is a traditional blues with a big Chicago influences.

What Money Can Buy (the boat song)

Marc Ellison

Marc and his family spent a week slowing down, living on a canal boat. There's something about escaping the rat race and slowing down that puts you in a reflective mood and makes you refocus on what's important in life.

We end the album with a slow, reflective, gentle ballad.



Blues songs have always been about real life and NORTHBOUND's songwriting perfectly continues this tradition. The songs are all about real, life, real people and real experiences. Whether it's feeling homesick working as a travelling salesman in Room With A View or dealing with bills in Credit Card Blues, the band's lyrics always echo the struggles of real life. The album closes with the poignant Boat Song reflecting on being caught up in the rat race of modern life and lamenting the lost family time.

Recorded at:

- Hollow Floor Studio, Audlem


Produced by:

- Northbound and Jack Marshall


Engineered by:

- Jack Marshall.

Album cover photo by:

- Mike Robinson


Band Photos:

- Simon J Newbury


Additional photos:

- Marc Ellison and Ian Arkleye.


Tel: 07501221926




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